The Range

The Range

America's longest indoor range with 150-yard lanes! Plus 15 100-foot lanes featuring Meggitt programmable target retrieval systems. No caliber restrictions. Ram and Fox Den member lounges, reach-in humidor, locker and gun-safe rooms, stunning two-story stone focal wall, full heat and air conditioning systems all ensure that luxury and adventure magnificently co-exist.

Golf Simulation rooms

Golf Simulation rooms

Golf Simulation rooms delivers visually stunning, with a level of realism incomparable to any competitive system. Let the screen wrap around and pull you into a golfing environment so vivid, real and engaging, you'll want to apply sunscreen.

Firearms Training Simulation

Firearms Training Simulation

It is an entirely interactive system that uses a computer program, a large screen and very realistic firearms that are loaded with computer chips instead of ammunition. It looks somewhat like a big video game, but it is definitely not a game. The instructor personalizes each scenario for the individual shooter and can increase or decrease the intensity of the situation to match the shooters ability level even as the situation progresses.

Preserve Academy

Preserve Academy

Classes provided for all skill levels. Register early as class space is limited. Take your skills to the next level at the preserve academy!

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  • Sep22

    Ladies Pistol (102)

    Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only! This six (6) hour class reviews firearm safety and continues to build on your previous shooting skills. We review phase one (1) malfunctions, drawing your gun from a holster, and shooting from the holster. We also learn about phase two (2) malfunctions, begin shooting from behind cover, […]
  • Sep28

    NRA Pistol Instructor 2 Day Course

    This is a two day class that covers Basic Instructor Training (BIT) on day one and NRA Pistol Instructor Training on day two. Here is your chance to be an NRA Instructor! With completion of this class, you may conduct a NRA Basic Pistol Class meeting the requirements of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida concealed carry […]
  • Oct03

    Drawing From Concealment

    Drawing from Concealment for the Law-Abiding Citizen This four (4) hour class focuses on drawing your gun from concealment and firing to stop a deadly threat. An introduction to proper drawing techniques without concealment is covered then we concentrate on drawing from a variety of clothing conditions. Several different firing drills are covered in this […]
  • Oct22

    Introduction to Defensive Shotgun (100)

    This four (4) hour class focuses on the pump action shotgun and its time-tested reliability and effectiveness as a tool for self-defense. This course explains the operation of the shotgun, advantages and disadvantages when using it for self-defense, shotgun manipulations, and more. We then move to the range to conduct loading, unloading, malfunctions drills, and […]
  • Oct29

    Ladies Beginner Pistol (100)

    Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only! This four (4) hour class covers firearm safety and shooting fundamentals in the classroom and then it’s off to the range. We cover grip, stance, ready positions, loading, unloading, shooting drills, and more all at a controlled and comfortable pace designed for the new shooter. This is […]
  • Oct29

    Introduction to Low Light Pistol Shooting (100)

    According to the FBI, a majority of shootings occur in low light conditions yet a majority of firearms training is conducted in daylight conditions. Here is an opportunity to bring your training to the next level and add new skills to your firearms training. We cover the physiology of vision in reduced light, target identification, […]
  • Nov02

    Defensive Handgun (102)

    This six (6) hour class reviews the basics of firearm safety then builds on the fundamentals taught in Defensive Handgun (101). This class reviews reacquiring your sight, scanning, reloading, and adds the 5 step draw, verbal commands, clearing phase 1 malfunctions, different shooting positions, cover and concealment, and addressing multiple threats! Students should have completed […]
  • Nov16

    NRA Rifle Instructor 2 Day Course

    The NRA Rifle Instructor course is two (2) days in length. NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is day one (1) and there is no shooting on this day. The NRA Rifle Instructor course is day two (2) where students learn the proper steps to teach basic rifle skills, shooting, and safety to others. Potential instructors […]